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Development and Application of Laser Marking

2019-04-10 11:29:05
Laser marking is another great innovation after the application of laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding technology. It is a new breakthrough in processing technology. A new non-contact processing, chemical pollution-free, wear-free marking processing mode. In recent years, with the application of laser technology more and more widely, it has been effectively combined with computer science technology, thus breaking through another milestone in the development of laser marking processing.
1. Differences between laser marking and traditional marking
Now laser marking technology and traditional marking technology have great breakthroughs, but also has incomparable advantages with traditional marking technology.
1. The range of processing materials is more and more extensive. It can mark a variety of non-metallic and metallic materials, especially brittle materials, high melting point materials, high hardness materials and so on. Traditional marking machines can only process some specific non-metallic materials.
2. Laser marking technology is different from the old marking machine. It can only be processed by touching the surface of the processed object. With the integration and innovation of laser technology, laser marking can be completed by laser irradiation with concentrated high energy on the surface of the processed object. This kind of non-direct contact processing not only does not damage the surface of the processed object, but also does not damage the surface of the processed object. With cutting force, the quality of marked patterns, symbols and words is very high.
3. The laser beam gathered by the high energy density of the laser is very fine, which makes the influence range of the processed object very small, and is conducive to reducing the loss of raw materials.
4. Effective integration with modern automation and computer systems to achieve the goal of rapid processing.
5. It can engrave and mark many kinds of codes, numbers, patterns, characters and so on.
6. Used for anti-counterfeiting labeling of clothing industry, light industry, hardware products, etc.
II. Current Situation of Laser Marking
The development of laser marking in China has gone through a long time. The core system of laser marking equipment is the marking control system. This control system has gone through several stages. At first, it is from the era of large scale to the era of rotating mirror. Now it is the era of galvanometer. These different times have pushed forward the development mode of laser marking, semiconductor excitation. The emergence and rapid development of light marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine pose new challenges to the current laser marking. At present, laser marking processing methods in most foreign countries can be divided into three forms.
1. Hidden mode marking. Mark a complete or several symbols with a laser pulse.
2. Array marking. It is marked with five columns in horizontal plaque and seven columns in vertical lattice.
3. Drawing marking. By controlling the marking path in advance, the scanning motion is formed to form the marking.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of computer technology, laser marking processing technology is more integrated with computer technology in actual production. Now its application is being paid attention to by domestic enterprises. It is replacing the traditional marking method with its powerful advantages.